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  • Audio-Technica M30X Review

    March 13, 2023 2 min read 0 Comments

    The Audio Technica M-series headphones have been around for quite a long time when looking at the history of audiophilia. They’ve almost always enjoyed steady supplies, and somewhat acceptable build quality. They always end up on the price point specified where closed headphones really tend to disappoint - they somehow hold up with a cohesive midrange. For what they’re worth, the M20x and M30x are similar in a sense that the M30x somewhat loses the fat from the M20x’s bottom end and instead focuses more on the midrange side of things.

    Audio-Technica M30X

    The pads may be stiff when considering build quality, but the plastic quality seems respectable. Although these headphones may be marketed as studio headphones, the lower-end headphones of the M-Series lineup, especially M20x and M30x are more suited as daily beaters. They’re closed, somewhat sturdy, and after replacing the pads become a lot more comfortable. The drivers inside are certainly capable, and they do take more power when compared to the M20x. If one still chooses to keep the stiff pads, they do hold up somewhat decent in the price range.

    When first listening to the M30x, there may be an illusion of the bass not being present on the headphones and that’s completely understandable. There’s a signature M-Series spike around the 6k range, which tells a lot about the differences between the headphones. When properly amped, the nuances of the lower end are felt clearly, and the midrange nicely blends with the bottom end. After trying the headphones on Questyle CMA-15, turning the volume up helps translate the general signature of the headphones, which clearly expresses the midrange of the headphones.

    It also covers the same ground M20x covers. When in a pinch, the M30x more than proves itself capable with the 40mm driver sealed behind sturdy earcups delivering accurate tunes with a definable soundstage. For the price range it resides in, it more than delivers from what it promises; and is sure to be a great option under 100$ when pitting it against its other competitors.

    Author: Mohammed Istiaq