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    iFi Audio iEMatch+

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    • AUDIO AMPLIFIER - iEMatch reduces the hiss, pops, and background noise that distracts from your music (nearly zero output impedance).The attenuator removes extra sounds and restores the bits of resolution that are lost at regular/low digital volume
    • SAVE YOUR EARS - Instead of blasting music to hear a little more sound, this amplifier expands the volume range where you can hear clear audio on lower volumes (boosts dynamic range). Many amplifiers work with full power over the ear headphones, but iEMatch are ideal for in-ear-monitors (IEMs), custom earbuds, or in-ear headphones
    • BALANCED SOUND -The iEMatch can switch between single-ended or balanced 3.5 outputs with the TRRS jack on both ends. Switch between High or Ultra Sensitivity to match your headphones. Works great as an analog sound adapter for cassettes and CD players
    • HEAR MORE MUSIC - The gold-plated 3.5mm balanced connector and 6N silver/copper matrix allow for better signal transfer. Hear all of your music, from the highest soprano to the lowest bass
    • TRAVEL COMFORTABLY - Adapt sound from airplane in-flight systems, Digital Audio Players (DAP), smartphones, portable players, tablets, computers, and more. Includes a velvet pouch, gold-plated airplane adapter, and memory foam contoured earplugs

    Attenuate All of Your Music


    DAC & Amplifier Attenuation

    Plug your iEMatch directly into your audio source and headphones for great sound. You can also add the iEMatch between your in-ear-monitor, DAC, DAP, and/ or amp at any point and it will attenuate the sound. Both professionals and recreational audiophiles will appreciate the depth of sound. While small, the iEMatch is powerful and will allow you hear hi-fi and analogue sound as it should be heard.

    Increased Volume Range

    With the iFi iEMatch 3.5 you can listen to your music at lower volume levels and still hear every low bass rumble and high E string. Keep your ears safe while you enjoy every part of your music.

    Ready for Travel

    Each iEMatch includes an airplane adapter, ear plugs, and a velvet pouch. With the airplane adapter, you can listen to your movie without the cracks and pops that plague airplane systems. The ear plugs that reduce the sounds around you for a better sleep. Place everything in the velvet pouch and be ready to travel in a moment.