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    Null Audio Ethos MKV Headphone & Earphone Cable

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    Ethos series is the latest member in the Null Audio family. Design with portability in mind, Ethos has a
    unique architecture with braids further encapsulated in a clear jack. This cable carries little memory
    effect and possesses ultra-flexible physical presence rendering it is perfect for use on the go and on
    stage. Ethos delivers a textured, hi-fidelity sound with its SPC composition, emanating tight, controlled
    bass and surround-like headroom

    Technical Highlights

    • UPOCC Silver-plated-copper.
    • Litz5 Configured threads braiding.
    • 50% larger single-strand and larger overall wire cross-section than the previous generation for reduced impedance and more effective signal delivery
    • Ultra-clear and soft insulating cable sleeve for prolonged durability and yellowing-resistance.
    • Internal individually insulated braids with PVD deposited clear coating for extra layer of protection from oxidation.
    • Maximum tensile strength and flexibility with reduced microphonics.
    • Dual mode inline remote is supported, compatible with both iOS and mainstream Android devices.
    • Premium anodized aluminum alloy hardware (connector/splitter).
    • Supported cable customization for a wide range of earphone connectors.
    • Default ear guide for comfortable wearing.
    • Cable weight 19 g (subject to connector type)
    • Cable Length 1.2m (48”), custom length supported
    • Main wire diameter ~Ø3.2mm (Split wire: ~Ø1.6mm)
    • Wiring 28AWG
    • Wire Color Clear/Silver
    • Connector Color Rose gold/black
    • Insulation Material TPE
    • Conductor Material UPOCC Silver-plated-copper
    • Connector Material 99.9% gold hard plating over brass