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    Aune S17 Pro Headphone Amplifier

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    • Class A Stable
    • Full-Discrete
    • Fully Symmetrical
    • Twin JFET
    • 2 Transistors per channel
    • R2R Volume Control
    • 50 Watt Linear Toroidal Transformer
    • Aluminium Remote Control
    • 2 Amplifier Stages

    Fully-Discrete, Class-A, Fully-Balanced

    Twin JFET · Class-A · Current Adjustable · R2R Volume

    As aune’s new generation of fully-discrete class-A headphone amp, the S17 Pro has the features of twin JFET, R2R volume control, 2 levels of current to select from (50mA/100mA class-A quiescent current per transistor), output power as high as 7.5W, 3 groups of headphone outputs + 2 groups of preamp outputs, etc. It is a high-performance rich-sounding headphone amplifier with high power.

    Twin JFET Tube-Like Sound

    JFET has high input impedance and rich and mellow sound like the vacuum tube. As for the S17 Pro, it’s not just JFET. It’s TWIN JFET, whose temperature rises are the same, performances are the same, and the mid-point voltage is stable. It is the ideal input transistor of a headphone amp.

    Two Transistors per Channel Powerful

    The S17 Pro final output stage uses two pairs of output transistors in parallel. The whole device has as many as 16 output transistors. Max output is 7.5W. It can drive all kinds of headphones and IEMs with ease.

    Class-A Current Adjustable Two Levels

    The S17 Pro specially designed two levels of class-A current: 50mA/100mA per transistor, and each channel of the S17 Pro has two pairs of transistors in parallel, so the quiescent current of each channel is as high as 100mA/200mA. The sound of a class-A amp is mellow, warm and smooth.

    Class A

    A class-A amplifier's output transistors remain conducting all the time whether there's an input signal or not, and have the currents equal to the AC peak. The maximum AC signals flow to the load. The open-loop distortion is extremely low. Therefore, it’s regarded as the ideal amplifying circuit design.

    The sound of the class-A amplifier is lush and full of details. Since the transistors perform in their most linear way, the class-A amplifier barely has distortion. The listening experience is excellent.

    R2R Electronic Volume Chip Precise, and More

    The S17 Pro uses the R2R electronic volume chip from JRC and the dedicated op-amps to build the 4-way balanced R2R volume control. High control precision, great channel balance, wide soundstage, accurate positioning.

    Two Colors to Present Current Level and Temperature Clear at a Glance

    The brand new UI of the S17 Pro uses two colors to present the current level and the temperature, making the display clear at a glance.

    (An actual measurement example: room temperature 25℃, high current mode, 24 hours continuous work, internal heat sink 66℃, chassis 50℃, knob 43℃.) (In 100mA mode, there will be a slow temperature rise, which is a normal phenomenon. The overheat protection will auto switch the current to 50mA when the temperature reaches 69℃.)

    Two Gain Levels Drive Your Headphones and IEMs Well and Properly

    The S17 Pro has two gain levels, and has set different output amplitudes. The low gain takes advantage of the class-A amp’s feature that the transistors are always working in the linear area, to drive the IEMs well and properly, while the high gain is as high as 7.5W and thus can drive headphones well with big power.

    Complex Cooler Structure Stable Class-A

    The class-A amp’s transistors are always working in the linear area, which causes a lot of heat. aune’s industrial designer built a complex three-dimensional structure, making the heat sink on the transistor + heat plate at the bottom + chassis form a whole cooler system. And the heat goes out through the rear plate heat emission holes. The class-A stability is thus guaranteed.

    50W Low-Ripple Toroidal Transformer + 19200μF Capacitor Array

    The S17 Pro uses the 50W low-ripple toroidal transformer and dual-power design. Digital control and analog are independent from each other, so the analog part can be free from interference. What’s more, it has the 19200μF capacitor array. They together make the S17 Pro so powerful and rich-sounding.

    Multi-Function Knob & All-Aluminum Remote

    The front plate is clean and simplistic, and with the one multi-function knob you can adjust current, gain and volume. Let the listening be pure and easy.

    The well-designed all-aluminum remote makes the control even more enjoyable.


    The S17 Pro has 3 headphone outputs, 2 groups of preamp outputs and 2 line inputs, satisfying your needs in different scenarios.

    The Beauty of Arc And Simplicity

    The symbolic arc-shape design. Classic, simplistic, aesthetic. Enjoy music with the enjoyable design.

    Rigorous HiFi Component Selection

    The components used for the S17 Pro are high-quality ones that are carefully selected, such as the high-quality HiFi electrolytic capacitors, the ceramic capacitors, the organic thin-film capacitors, the communication-grade PCB, etc. Everything is aimed at good sound.


    Headphone amp output (high gain): 4μV; THD+N: 0.00016%. The excellent hardware performance has laid the solid foundation for excellent sound.

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