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    M12 · Connection quality music

    M12 allows all mobile phone users, in the simplest way, to break through the technical, cost, and volume limitations of the audio circuit integrated in the mobile phone, and to enjoy the lossless audio content of the streaming media platform anytime, anywhere.

    Start your mobile Hi-Fi journey with M12 now! 

    SiP current mode independent amp super driving force

    Questyle's exclusive patented "current mode" amplifier technology is what differentiates Questyle hardware from other terminals. As the "engine" of the headphone system, the amplifier has a crucial impact on the improvement of sound quality. Thanks to the self-developed current mode amplifier module, unlike similar products that use op-amp chips for amplification, M12 is not limited by the power of op-amp chips, and has ultra-high current output capability and control power, and the overall load is 0.0003 % ultra-low distortion, fully exploit the potential of headphones.

    Smart Impedance Detection
    automatically adapts to your headphones

    When the earphone is plugged into the M12, the built-in intelligent impedance detection system will automatically detect the earphone impedance and adapt it. For hard-to-drive high-impedance headphones M12 will use the corresponding high level to drive, at this time the Gain (gain) light is red, providing excellent dynamic performance for the headphones. When driving some low-impedance and high-sensitivity earplugs, the output level (gain) light will be reduced according to the actual impedance to turn green (low gain), which is precisely matched and will not over-push, just like a car's automatic shifting.

    Questyle Technology and ESS R&D teams in the United States, China, and Canada have spent two years to create a mobile decoding amp that exceeds customer expectations. To commemorate the first cooperation between Questyle and ESS, after the official confirmation, the M12 was marked with the logos of Questyle and ESS. The ESS flagship USB DAC decoder chip ES9281AC selected by M12 can decode up to PCM384kHz/32bit and DSD256. Whether it is the deep bass of the pipe organ in the European cathedral, or the strong bass and guitar melody in the hard rock, it can capture the deep hidden sound. Details in the track.

    Support MQA decoding

    MQA (Master Quality Authenticated): M12 supports MQA rendering and completes the final expansion of MQA files. When the MQA indicator is magenta, it means that the M12 is rendering the MQA stream or file and is completing the final expansion of the MQA file.

    MQA decoding is a new digital encoding format designed to encapsulate very high sample rate audio streams in files small enough to make them suitable for network streaming. The MQA format carries 100% of the information of the original recorded audio signal, then it adapts subtly to the audio product you're using and plays back those signals at the highest quality that playback device can achieve. At this level of playback, you hear the same sound as the artist heard in the studio.

    Extremely Compatible
    Enjoy high-fidelity fun in a minimalist way

    During the development process, Questyle Labs has done a lot of testing and targeted optimization on the compatibility of mainstream mobile phones and tablets, and has achieved full compatibility with Android 5.1 and above; for PC-side application scenarios, it supports Windows 10 18.3 and above ( driver-free), and Mac OS system.

    Technology Black Fashion Silver

    The shell of the M12 is made of anodized aluminum sandblasting process, creating two classic colors of technology black and fashionable silver with the matte texture of Questyle's genes, showing a professional atmosphere.


    Appearance Material: CNC Anodized Aluminum Alloy
    Color: Tech Black/Fashion Silver
    Body Size: 51[L] X 16.5[W] X 8.1[D] (mm)

    Compatible operating system:
    Android phones and tablets: devices that support Android 5.0 and above
    PC systems: devices that support Win10 1803 and above
    Apple phones: iOS systems are supported (users need to purchase a Lightning to Type-C OTG cable separately)
    Apple Computer: Support Mac OS system

    Decoding capability:
    PCM: 32kHz – 384kHz (16/24/32Bit)
    DSD: DSD64(1Bit 2.8MHz) , DSD128(1Bit 5.6MHz), DSD256(1Bit 11.2MHz)

    Output power:
    built-in intelligent impedance detection circuit, automatically adapt to different headphones, adjust the output power to prevent over-push or
    under conditions.
    RL=16Ω, Po=46.11mW;
    RL=32Ω, Po=26.71mW;
    RL=300Ω, Po=12.26mW;
    When the M12 detects that the impedance is less than 60Ω, it is automatically set to low gain output, and when it is greater than 70Ω, it is automatically set to high gain Output,
    automatically switch to 2Vrms line output when it is above 600Ω.

    Frequency response: ±0.1dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
    THD + N: 0.0003%
    DAC: ESS flagship USB DAC decoder chip ES9281AC