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    10CM uses soft X-9, X-9 is a newly designed audio signal cable launched by MPS in November 2016. The internal structure is composed of ultra-high purity 6N/OCC conductor and 6N/OCCS conductor. Copper isolation is still added in such a small volume. The net is used to shield external electromagnetic waves and EMC interference. 21 cores are used 0.06MM OCCS and 40 0.05MM 0CC, make so small copper wire, in order to make the X-9's mid and high frequencies more sharp,details more prominent. The outer skin of X-9 is also a pearlescent mist black specially developed by our MPS, keep the thread soft and textured.

    Wire using SGP-222
    Wire inner core: 8*0.16MM 6N single crystal copper silver-plated wires + 180*0.08MM 6N single crystal copper
    Conductor resistance: 26.9Ω/KM
    Square number: 0.533MM²*2/19AWG*2
    OD: 8MM