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  • Spinfit CP100+ (V2) Silicone Eartips

    • Bore size: 4mm, for earphone nozzle diameter from 4.5-5.5mm, with inserts, compatible with earphone nozzle diameter 3-3.5mm
    • CP100 + shows SpinFit’s ability to lure more sound details out and draw a wider soundstage, which is a great step toward a better product line.
    • ISO10993 certificated medical-grade silicone adopted which reduces allergic reactions and provides higher hygienic level.
    • Transparency is hyphened in CP100+ ‘s bores, so they look more clean and perfect for those who don’t like loud colors on the earphones.
    • The material gives the ear tip bore more strength again the slippery earwax causes, so they stay even tighter than before.
    • The difference between CP100 and CP100+ mainly is the material and the colors. In terms of sound performance, CP100 gives more balanced sound and CP100+ adds more details in the treble.