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    Pentaconn COREIR Eartips

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    Unwavering Sound Quality: Brass Metal Core

    When it comes to exceptional sound quality, material matters. That's why the Pentaconn COREIR Eartips incorporate a metal core made of brass—a material closely tied to sound fidelity. The unique design maintains the shape of the sound conduit, ensuring consistent, high-quality audio every time you plug in.

    Cushioned Protection: Preventing Nozzle Collision

    Nothing interrupts your music experience quite like equipment collisions. The COREIR Eartips are ingeniously designed with cushion parts made of colored silicone, protecting the earphone nozzle from colliding with the metal core. Each cushion is color-coded in CMYK, allowing for quick and easy size identification.

    Size Matters: Options for Every Ear

    With four distinct sizes to choose from—Small, Medium-Small, Medium, and Large—each pack contains two pairs of eartips for your convenience. Whether your ears are large or small, there's a COREIR Eartip size tailored for you.


    1.Be cautious not to apply excessive force to the metal parts as they may detach from the silicone. 2.The metal core is made of brass material with nickel plating. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, please refrain from using this product. 3.For cleaning, simply wipe off any dirt with a dry, clean cloth.