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  • Orpheus Blue 300 Ohm Earbud

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    • 300ohm sapphire blue 15.4mm driver
    • 5-layer tuning filter
    • 4 core SPC and copper mix cable

    Introducing Earbud Orpheus BLUE 300 Ω edition. Orpheus BLUE 300 Ω’s are handmade right here in Bangladesh.

    Orpheus BLUE 300 Ω edition’s driver uses a 15.4mm Blue Polymer Crystal Diaphragm at 300 Ω impedance which gives a unique audio experience. Culmination of an entire year of R&D the Orpheus BLUE 300 Ω earbud edition is tuned with 5 different types of tuning filters and uses a special bass vent. Furthermore, each earbud is housed in MX500 shell ensuring comfortable yet snug fit. With the included donut and or full foams in combination with the mx500 shell helps with proper sealing as well. The cable used in Orpheus BLUE 300 Ω edition is a 4-core of high-quality sliver-plated copper mix cable and soldered using Mundorf sliver mixed solder.

    Proper amplification is a requirement.

    Sound Impression:

    • Realistic timbre and clean vocals.
    • Warm leaning yet balanced tuning.
    • Smooth and non-fatiguing highs.
    • Soundstage consists of good width and height.
    • Nice instrument separation.
    • Top-shelf resolution and imaging for earbud performance.
    • Well textured bass with massive quantity for an earbud.

    Each Orpheus 300 Ω edition are tuned and hand-built by Delwar Hossen. Orpheus Ear founders are Shahriar Ferdous and Md.Delwar Hossen.