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    Null Audio Thera MKII Headphone & Earphone Cable

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    Positioned to deliver an exciting experience with monocrystallinesilver composition, Thera is forged upon the architecture of silver conductors 1.5 times larger in cross-section than the industry standardwhich further underwent cryogenic treatment to reduce residual stress, resistance and enhance music signal transmission.
    Thera is the ultimate conveyor of unparalleled accuracy, vocal definition and removes any veil from your music. The sound tuning philosophy is focused predominantly on providing a 3D, vast and lifelike headroom and astute presentation of instrument separation and imaging.

    Technical Highlight

    • Cryogenic treated monocrystalline silver conductor, UPOCC cast.
    • 1.5 times larger single-strand and broader overall wire cross-section than industrial standard for
    • reduced impedance and more effective signal delivery. Ultra-dense conductor count.
    • Ultra-clear and soft insulating cable sleeve for prolonged durability and yellowing-resistance.
    • Internal individually insulated braids with PVD deposited clear coating for extra layer of protection
    • from oxidation.
    • Maximum tensile strength and flexibility with reduced microphonics.
    • Premium anodized aluminum alloy hardware (connector/splitter).
    • Supported cable customization for a wide range of earphone connectors.
    • Default ear guide for comfortable wearing.
    • Cable weight 26 g (subject to connector type)
    • Cable Length 1.2m (48”), custom length supported
    • Main wire diameter ~Ø4mm (Split wire: ~Ø2mm)
    • Wiring 24AWG
    • Wire Color Bronze
    • Connector Color Ocean Blue/black
    • Insulation Material TPE
    • Conductor Material UPOCC monocrystalline 7N silver
    • Connector Material 99.9% gold hard plating over brass