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    Null Audio Arete MKV (4-braid) Headphone & Earphone Cable

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    Arete series is the 2nd longest-running model in the Null Audio family. Devised to offer maximum performance based on high purity UPOCC copper composition, Arete offers dynamic and euphoric sound presentation. The copper material excels to provide deep, rumbling bass with absolutely no compromise on imaging and headroom.

    Technical Highlight

    • UPOCC copper conductor.
    • High conductor count even 12 and 13 strands per wire, 100 strands per cable.
    • Ultra-clear and soft insulating cable sleeve for prolonged durability and yellowing-resistance.
    • Internal individually insulated braids with PVD deposited clear coating for extra layer of protection from oxidation.
    • Maximum tensile strength and flexibility with reduced microphonics.
    • Dual mode inline remote is supported, compatible with both iOS and mainstream Android devices.
    • Premium anodized aluminum alloy hardware (connector/splitter).
    • Supported cable customization for a wide range of earphone connectors.
    • Default ear guide for comfortable wearing.
    • Cable weight 25 g (subject to connector type)
    • Cable Length 1.2m (48”), custom length supported
    • Main wire diameter ~Ø3mm (Split wire: ~Ø1.5mm)
    • Wiring 24AWG
    • Wire Color Bronze/copper
    • Connector Color Rose gold/black
    • Insulation Material TPE
    • Conductor Material UPOCC Copper
    • Connector Material 99.9% gold hard plating over brass