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  • Letshuoer DZ4 Triple Dynamic Driver Earphone


    • Three dynamic drivers + single passive radiator in-ear monitor HIFI earphones.
    • Four-way Acoustic Tubes, Two-way Crossover Circuit.
    • Semi Open Faceplate Design, A Fusion Of Metal And Resin.
    • The drivers are connected to the dual-pin receptacle via a flexible printed circuit (FPC) crossover board.
    • Joint Effort With HeyGear, The Leading 3D-Printing Supplier
    • Four cores of 216-strands, 0.05mm in diameter silver plated copper cable.
    •  DZ4 comes with a standard 3.5mm single-ended plug, featuring a standard 0.78mm dual-pin design.
    • High precision in 3D Printed chassis production to meet ergonomic principles.
    • CNC-milled anodized aluminum casing with semi-open design.
    • Its outstanding sound performance brings exceptional adaptability and compatibility, catering to various usage scenarios from music reproduction, gaming, to basic monitoring needs.

    Letshuoer DZ4