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    Kiwi Ears Quartet Earphone


    • Innovative double 10mm titanium diaphragms drivers, each independently driven by dual magnetic circuits, for extremely well extended sub-bass kicks.
    • Harmonious Balance with a natural tonal balance, providing rich and thick bass without muddying the mids or treble.
    • Custom Balanced Armature Drivers tuned to fit the Quartet's dynamic drivers for crisp and clean tone, detailed highs without shrillness or fatigue.
    • Detachable High-quality oxygen-free silver-plated copper cable that is lightweight and allows noise-free audio transmission.

    The Kiwi Ears Quartet was designed around our new isobaric double dynamic driver subwoofer.

    The innovative driver design utilizes double 10mm titanium diaphragms drivers, each independently driven by dual magnetic circuits. The pair of drivers were passively aligned to be phase synced and prevent soundwave cancellation. This new subwoofer design emits extremely well extended sub-bass kicks that are tighter, faster, and deeper than any other previous woofer designs.

    The Quartet is Kiwi Ear’s answer for all those who want a fun in-ear monitor that will provide all the quality bass one could need.


    Harmonious Balance

    Although the Quartet is a bass-centric IEM, we still aimed to provide a natural tonal balance. This goal was centered around the need to provide a textured and powerful bass, but without any muddying or dulling in the mids or treble. The dynamic drivers were crossed over using a passive low-pass network at 350Hz to allow plenty of rich and thick bass, while the mids from 350-1kHz were tuned to be completely flat.

    This allows an accurate tonality in the mids like that of neutral studio monitors, while giving a hint of warmth in the lower mids. This means the Quartet will sound thunderous in the bass, but still clean and flat in the mids, preventing unwanted bloating found in most earphones. 


    Custom Balanced Armature Drivers

    The Quartet features a custom mid-high frequency balanced armature and a custom ultra-high tweeter balanced armature drivers. These drivers were modified to fit the balance of the new dynamic drivers by a tuned venting system to provide more airflow. Following Kiwi Ears’ tradition, the balanced armatures are passively tuned to fit our in-house target curvature for the mids and trebles. This means the mid-treble provides crisp and clean tone to vocals and instruments, without sounding either dull or nasally. The highs are detailed with plenty of sparkle for professional performance usage, but are natural and free of shrillness or fatigue. 


    Recommended Usages

    The Quartet can be thought of as neutral studio monitors, but with sub-bass and bass emphasis beginning at 350Hz. This provides a little bit more of body, texture, and richness in the lower mids, but neutral mids and upper mids. The Quartet is perfect for performance drummers and bass guitarists who require powerful and impactful lows. Music enthusiasts who want quality bass but a natural tonality will also benefit from the Quartet’s tuning balance. 



    • DRIVERS: 10mm Dynamic Drivers (x2), Custom Balanced Armatures (x2)
    • SENSITIVITY: 110db APL/mW
    • IMPEDANCE: 32ohm
    • EARPHONE MATERIAL: Medical-grade resin
    • CABLE MATERIAL: High-quality oxygen-free silver-plated copper cable
    • CONNECTOR: 0.78mm 2-pin
    • CABLE LENGTH: 1.2m±5%