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  • JVC Spiral Dot ++ Eartips

    🚚 Order within the next 2 hours, 15 minutes for delivery by 18 Jun, 2024.
    • FEATURES: (ML) Medium Large size “Spiral Dot ++” earpieces. Choose best size to fit your ears.
    • FEATURES: JVC original "Spiral Dot ++" earpieces that provide clear sound and improve the reproduction capability of your headphones.
    • FEATURES: Excellent fit with "SMP iFit", a material made in Japan.
    • SUPPORTED MODELS: HA-FX850, HA-FX750, HA-FX650, HA-FXT100, HA-FXT200, HA-FX1100, HA-FW01, HA-FW02, HA-FW03, HA-FX99X-B, HA-FX99XBT, XE -M10BT, HA-FD02, HA-FW02BT, HA-FD02BT, HA-FD01SP, HA-FD01, HA-FW10000