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    ifi Standard Edition 4.4 to twin XLR unit

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    4.4 to XLR. Path to Excellence.

    The 4.4mm balanced output is a common feature found in high-quality home and portable audio devices, such as our iDSD Diablo 2, ZEN DAC Signature V2, NEO Stream, and more. To connect these devices to equipment with XLR inputs, such as preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, or power amplifiers, you’ll require a 4.4mm to XLR cable.

    The ‘4.4mm to XLR cable SE’ is our standard-range balanced cable, which utilises high-conductivity oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors. If you are seeking a higher quality balanced cable, please consider our ‘4.4 to XLR cable,’ which represents our premium-grade option. It features continuous cast copper and silver matrix conductors.

    Guarding Against RFI/EMI Noise.

    The 4.4mm to XLR cable SE utilises a high-conductivity oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductor with a total cross-section of 22AWG to ensure optimal signal transfer. This cable is constructed with a double-core parallel structure and includes intrinsic shielding provided by equivalent wrap-around metal mesh.

    These features serve to protect the cable from radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise, thereby providing the cleanest possible medium for signal transfer.

    To further insulate the cable, we adapted the RoHS compliant thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with 1000V AC spark resistance.

    Gold-plated connectors.

    The XLR male cable connector features an aluminium alloy chassis and gold-plated connectors, ensuring minimal resistance and impeccable balance.

    The 4.4mm connector features a gold-plated smooth surface, precise angle machining, and a 1.5mm raised lip, ensuring top-quality audio connectivity.