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    iFi iPower X

    Voltage Output

    Power - cleaner than ever

    During the R&D stage of iPower, introduced into our portfolio in 2015, we
    challenged ourselves by aiming to manufacture the quietest power supply
    available and make it compliant with as many products as possible. The feedback
    from the audiophile community and the longevity of this product was very

    We never rest on our laurels and would now like to introduce the new higher
    model - more visually pleasing and suitable for more products than ever - the new
    iPower X.

    Crème de la crème components

    We’re using the latest solid organic capacitors for better suppression of high-frequency noise. And the leakage capacitance is some 20x lower than your normal SMPS!

    In a nutshell, there is no escape for unwanted noise!

    All in all, the iPower X will give you 20% more power than the original iFi iPower and increased amperage which means it can work with more equipment than ever before.

    iPowerX Tear Down

    Because we play music too…

    Musician? Loving your effect pedals but not so much one when goes down in the middle of a gig? And your spare is nowhere to be found?

    Our iFi iPower X has a centre negative adapter so you can use this correctly with your gear.

    Cleaner sound AND the show goes on! What’s not to like?

    iPower X inverter

    Based on military tech, our improved Active Noise Cancellation II®  actively cancels all incoming noise.

    It does this in a similar way to active noise-cancelling headphones – it generates a signal identical to that of the incoming electrical noise but in the opposite phase, actively cancelling it out. This is highly effective at removing low- and mid-frequency noise, while passive insulating filters deal with higher frequency interference. This combination is measurably more effective at eradicating noise corrupting the USB signal than devices relying solely on passive filtering.

    For better suppression of high-frequency noise, we added solid organic semi-conductors to its output filter.

    The iPower X leakage noise is 20x lower than normal SMPS (100pf vs 2,200pf).

    When compared to the original iPower:

    i. Input capacitance is 50% larger; 47uf instead of 33uf.

    ii. Output capacitance is 150% larger.

    It works with virtually any DC powered device and comes in 5, 9, 12 and 15 volts.

    Just check the correct voltage and away you go. Clean, audiophile grade power.