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    Output Voltage
    • ✅ POWER UPGRADE - Actively detects and removes unwanted electrical noise introduced by noisy stock wall warts or plugs to provide a steadier and more reliable direct current to your device, including turntables, media streamers, phono stages, routers, DACs, audio interfaces, and even LED lighting for studio photos
    • ✅ QUIET COMFORT - Enjoy clear audio and more defined digital video with the iPower's Active Noise Cancellation, technology derived from military applications that acts similarly to noise cancelling headphones by measuring and inverting the signal from your power supply to create a super quiet noise floor and to filter out spurious frequencies introduced by common household equipment that would interfere or muddy your entertainment experience
    • ✅ MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - Designed to fit common devices, we include 4 different size DC barrel adapters, a center negative adapter for inverting the polarity, and a right angle adapter for when you need more flexibility (The 5 volt version comes with a DC to micro USB adapter, a DC to USB C adapter, and a DC to USB A (female) adapter for use with USB powered gear like the Raspberry Pi or Amazon Fire TV Stick). Choose the iPower that is right for your device based on your devices specifications
    • ✅ IMPROVED OUTPUT/INPUT NOISE SUPPRESSION - The new iPower boasts improved components and thicker gauge wiring to deliver improved output/input noise suppression. It's more than 10 times quieter than most audiophile power supplies and will feed your system’s circuits with ultra-quiet, clean power at both the input and the output stages.
    • ✅ VARIETY OF VOLTAGES AVAILABLE - iFi offers the iPower in 5V, 9V, 12V, and 15V versions to provide power options for many of the most common audiophile equipment, such as a DAC, music streamer or router, or even a guitar pedal. Choose the voltage model that is right for your device based on your manufacturer's specifications
    • One Year Warranty