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    FiiO FH9 Hybrid In-Ear Monitor

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    Legendary Hybrid Flagship

    1 Dynamic 6 Balanced Armature Drivers IEMs FH9 

    One Year Warranty


    1 dynamic 6 BA driver design | Pure titanium construction | Custom 6 Knowles BA setup | 2nd gen DLC diaphragm bass driver | Meticulously-tuned frequency response | Patented S.Turbo acoustic design 

    Semi-open acoustic design | All new notch filter | Interchangeable sound filters | Stainless steel angled MMCX connectors | High-purity monocrystalline pure silver cable | Hi-Res Audio certified | Twist-lock swappable plugs

    Pure titanium construction——Quashes unwanted harmonics and diminishes resonances 1 

    [1]Titanium is physically hard yet light, allowing it to greatly reduce undesirable resonances and harmonics 

    Custom 6 Knowles BA setup——designed jointly with Knowles 2 

    2nd gen FiiO-developed dynamic driver——massive 13.6mm DLC diaphragm bass driver 3 

    Patented FiiO S.Turbo acoustic design——enables turbocharged bass 4 

    Unique notch filter——effectively eliminates unwanted resonances in the shell 5 

    Interchangeable audio filters——change between filters for different sound signatures 6 

    Stainless steel angled MMCX connectors——for more ergonomic wearing 7 

    High-purity, high-quality silver cable——befitting of a true flagship 8


    Fine-tuned curve, outstanding frequency response through meticulous engineering 

    "The advantage of hybrid driver products is the ability to draw on the strengths of different types of drivers and combine them. The FH9 not only utilizes large dynamic drivers, but also ultra-high frequency Knowles BA drivers. Together, these drivers work to cover a very wide frequency range and are capable of producing great energy in a dense package. These characteristics are crucial for reproducing even the tiniest of details at any frequency. For example, ultra-high frequencies are usually only a small part of actual music, but are extremely important to how we perceive the music. If your system cannot reproduce that tiny part of your music with sufficient resolution, you will get a dry, closed sound. So, you need to have a system capable of high resolution at any frequency with a 'dense' sound for true high-fidelity audio. With a 'dense' enough sound, string instruments will sound appropriately soft, wind instruments will sound duly full, percussion instruments will clearly portray them vibrating the air, and human voices will sound more solid – overall a more realistic sound.” 


    Chief Engineer of FiiO IEMs R&D Center


    Supercharged Bass

    With Patented S.Turbo design 

    The bass frequency sound tube features FiiO's patented S.Turbo acoustic technology, which cleverly guides sound waves through a turbine shaped tube to enhance bass frequencies. As a result, while the bass is deep and powerful without being bloated and muddy. At the same time, this design also filters redundant frequency sound from the other higher-frequency drivers, ensuring a smoother connection between the bass and mids. In a nutshell, S.Turbo will give you a supercharged listening experience you won't forget.  


    Ultimate purity

    With unique notch filter 

    Undesirable sibilance is often the result of driver units being placed into a shell with no consideration of how they interact with each other, making it more likely that unwanted resonances occur. Thus, using finite element analysis, FiiO specifically designed the FH9's shell to feature a notch filter which effectively eliminates unwanted resonances generated in the shell, sound tube, and cavity. The result is greatly minimized undesirable sibilance for a purer and more transparent sound. 


    Hi-Res Audio certified

    The FH9 is Hi-Res Audio certified, ensuring you can listen to your music with all of its rich details, as the artist intended.