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    FiiO DK3SHeat dissipation dock

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    • High-quality Aluminium alloy body
    • Silicone pads for added protection and stability
    • Dual-speed adjustable cooling fan
    • Dimensions: 120.8 x 90.6 x 171 mm.
    • Weight: 206 grams
    • Input power: 5V/0.5A
    • Power interface: Type-C USB

    The all-in-one multifunctional DK3S can not only work as a simple support stand but also as a heat dissipation fan, helping digital devices to dissipate heat generated for long-time use and HiFi devices maximize their performance greatly.

    The body of the DK3S is made of aluminium alloy and carefully finished with fine sandblasting and the surface of its base is then anodized. The triangular support design makes it stable and in addition, the base of the DK3S and the contact surface between the player and the fan are protected with silicon mats for better anti-collision, anti-scratch and anti-slip abilities.

    Connect the Type-C port at the bottom to a USB power source to provide power for the DK3S and dissipate heat for the player. There are 2 fan speed levels available that work quietly and noiselessly, helping to lower the temperature of the device effectively.