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    Dunu SA6 MK2 In-Ear Monitor

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    • Q-Lock Plus Interchangeable Termination Plug System
    • 6 High-Performance Balanced Armature Drivers
    • Original Solid Stabilized Wooden Face Covers
    • Two Adjustable Tunings Technology
    • High-Quality Hulk Pro Mini Cable

    An Exquisite Oeuvre by DUNU

    DUNU's offerings are renowned for their luxurious headphones, boasting exceptional audio fidelity, impeccable workmanship, and an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. In comparison to the original SA6, the MK2 variant has unleashed its potential and undergone numerous enhancements.

    High-Performance Drivers for a High-Quality Experience

    The DUNU SA6 MK2 is furnished with six high-caliber Balanced Armature drivers from SONION and Knowles. This duo features dual SONION woofers, dual midrange drivers from Knowles, and dual treble drivers from Knowles. The pair is meticulously tuned in a tripartite frequency crossover for lucid frequency separation and responsiveness. Moreover, the SA6 MK2 boasts a physical and electronic bifurcated frequency division system, harmonizing the six balanced armature drivers for a fluid, natural sound accompanied by an expansive soundstage and remarkable clarity.

    Innovative Q-Lock Plus Swappable Termination Plug System

    The Hulk Pro Mini Upgrade Cable incorporates DUNU’s patented Q-Lock Plus interchangeable termination plug system. It is supplied with 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced plugs.

    Exquisite Handcrafted Ear Shells and Further Optimized Profile

    The DUNU SA6 MK2 is the culmination of masterful artistry. The ear shells are meticulously handcrafted through an intricate and labor-intensive process, yielding a warm, textured finish. These shells showcase specially chosen solid-stabilized wooden ear panels. While each panel shares similar hues, they possess distinct textures. Gold powder-infused resin courses through the design, exuding sophistication. The shell's shape and profile have been fine-tuned and upgraded using a novel auricle model, resulting in a more voluminous form. This effectively enlarges the display area of the stunning designer panel while ensuring a comfortable fit. (Because it is purely handmade, the panel pattern of the headset is random.)

    Two Signatures With Two Tuning Modes

    DUNU has incorporated a tuning switch in the SA6 MK2, offering users two distinct sound signatures. The default tuning mode ("I") provides an accurate and balanced response, while the ambiance enhancement mode ("ON") imparts a hint of vigor to the lower register. These two modes adeptly expand and adapt to various musical genres. (Please make sure earbuds of both sides are in same mode when you listen)

    Upgraded Stock Cable and High-Quality Internal Wiring

    The SA6 MK2 includes the Hulk Pro Mini high-purity stock cable. It employs doubly refined high-purity Furukawa Single-Crystal Copper wire cores with independent aluminum foil shielding. This maintains the outstanding sonic performance of the original Hulk Pro while incorporating a lightweight design. To achieve optimal performance with the Studio SA6 MK2, the internal wiring of the pair has been upgraded. The internal wire connections now utilize high-purity Furukawa single-crystal copper silver-plated wiring.

    • NET WEIGHT: 12g
    • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 5 Hz - 40 kHz
    • IMPEDANCE: 24Ω @1kHz
    • SENSITIVITY: 114 ± 1 dB @1kHz
    • BASS (2) : Sonion AcuPass Vented Dual Woofer
    • MIDRANGE (2) : Knowles Custom Midrange Driver (*2)
    • TREBLE (2) : Knowles Custom Dual Tweeter
    • TUNING MODES: Default Signature (Switch Position 'I')
    • Atmospheric Immersion (Switch Position 'ON')