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    Denafrips ARES 12TH DAC

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    "One of The Best R-2R DACs under $1000, Upgraded"

    To commemorate DENAFRIPS’s 12 years of digital audio excellence, the Ares 12th Anniversary Edition features the most frequently requested - I²S input, redesigned front panel, as well as performance enhancements.

    If you’re a music lover and you want the music to sound good, expressive, and analog-like. The Ares 12th DAC might be one of the key ingredients in your stereo audio system. 


    12th Badge.png


    Good quality power supply is the foundation of good sound

    Ares 12th is spotted with enhanced Linear Power Supply section with 'DENAFRIPS' capacitors bank. A large heatsink is glued on top of the constant current LDO Linear Regulators. The FPGA, modular USB module, as well as the balanced R-2R Ladder Networks are powered by eight(8 multi-stages LDO Linear Regulators. 

    The oversized O-Core transformer is hand-wound by DENAFRIPS in-house, with multiple layer of copper shielding in between the winding to reduce the EMI/EMF.

    Ares 12th I2S.png

    Ares 12th I²S can be connected to DENAFRIPS DDC and/or compatible I²S transport to take advantage of the I²S connection. 

    Non-Oversampling R-2R DAC /Signal fed to the DAC remain in its native sampling rate without additional processing. Ares 12th is a true NOS DAC. 


    The Ares 12th R-2R DAC is the perfect DAC for music lover with modest stereo audio system. Its ability to reproduce music with great emotional connection is simply mind-blowing. 

    Rediscover your music with the Ares 12th DAC, tuned with rich analog tone. 

    Description Parameters
    R-2R DAC  Proprietary R2R + DSD Architecture 
      True balanced 24BIT  R2R +  6BIT DSD (32 steps FIR Filters) 
      Low Thermal Effect, High Precision Hand-Matched 0.01% Resistors  
      FEMTO Crystal 45.1548MHz, 49.152Mhz  
    Highlight  Low Noise Power Supply 
      Digital Signal Processing via FPGA 
      Adaptive FIFO Buffer and Reclocking 
      DSD1024, PCM1536 Supports On USB Input 
      Proprietary USB Audio Solution via STM32F446 Advanced AMR Based MCU 
      Licensed Thesycon USB Driver For Windows Platform 
      Driverless On Mac & Linux 
    DSD  DSD64 / 2.8224MHz (DoP) On All Input 
      DSD1024 / 45.1584MHz * On USB nput  
    PCM  24bits / 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192KHz On All Input 
      1536kHz* On USB Input 
    Digital Input  Coax x 1 
      TOSLink x 1 
      I²S x 1 
      USB2.0 Type B 
    Analog Output  RCA at 2.0Vrms, 625 Ω 
      XLR at 4.0Vrms, 1250 Ω 
    Sampling Mode  Non-Oversampling NOS / Oversamping OS 
    Filter Selection  Slow / Sharp 
    AC Power Requirement  100-240VAC, 50/60Hz (Worldwide Voltage, Manual Selector) 
    Power Consumption  ≤20W 
    Frequency Response  20-70KHz -3dB 
    THD+N  0.004% 
    S/N Ratio  115dB 
    Dynamic Range  >119dB 
    Stereo Crosstalk  -124dB 
    Dimension  215 x 230 x 45 mm 
    Weight  3.5 Kg 
    Color  Black