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    CX31993 (CX Pro) Dongle DAC

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    CX 31993 Chip
    Interface: TYPE C to 3.5mm
    Total length: 13cm
    Thrust: 65mW
    DAC sampling rate: 32bits/384KHz

    Signal-to-noise ratio/SNR: more than 128dB
    Dynamic range/DNR: more than 120dB
    Distortion/T+N: 95db
    T+N: 0.0003% DSD: 64/1283(PCM)
    Wire: 4 strands of transparent sterling silver + 4 strands of transparent blue mixed, a total of 8 strands of sterling silver
    Compatible with 95% of the market's type-c mobile phones and win 10 system, Apple system computers support calls and line control
    Colour: gold + blue
    Material: plastic + metal

    Package Contents:
    1 set * Headphone Amp