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    Cayin RU7 DAC

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    Fully Balanced Resistor Networks Discrete 1-Bit DAC for DSD Format

    Purposively designed micro-miniaturized 1-bit DAC circuit from discrete components convert digital signal to analogue signal through a fully differentiate 4-ch DAC architecture
    The 1-Bit DAC circuit is a resistor network composed of 128 pcs (4 x32) high precision thin Film Resistors, this is closely resemble to the discrete DAC of our N7 DAP
    The output of the resistor network will go through a 3-level active LPF and then converted to single-ended signal for volume adjustment. 

    High Power Paraller Phone Amplifiers

    Dual amplifiers in parallel,  providing 4-CH high power balanced Driven output
    The second phone amplifier  is a parallel unity gain  inverting phase amplifier

    An impressive upgrade in 
    phone output power :
    3.5mm SE, 160mW @32Ω
    4.4mm BAL, 400mW @32Ω

    Shared Line Out Conveniently Connected

    The shared line out function will  configure the 3.5mm or 4.4mm phone output into fixed voltage output (bypassing volume control): 3.5mm Single-ended, 1.2Vrms 4.4mm Balanced, 2.4Vrms

    The line out voltage are carefully  selected to retain as much details and dynamic of the 1-Bit DAC with  minimum noise and distortion.

    Enable you to connect the RU7 to portable/desktop amplifier or home audio system and used it as an miniature 1-Bit DAC.