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    Audeze LCDi3 Earphones

    🚚 Order within the next 2 hours, 15 minutes for delivery by 22 May, 2024.
    • Designed to give the user a truly wide and accurate soundstage, superior transient response, bass response down to 25Hz. The distortion (THD) is less than 0.1% overall even at high volumes
    • Includes Bluetooth 5.0 cable (with aptX HD), Lightning cable, and standard 3.5mm analog audio cable
    • New design Ear Fins and offset Ear Hooks improve comfort.
    • Weighing 12 grams per side, the headphones come with a new magnesium top housing and premium, braided cable made of OCC copper with Kevlar threads for additional strength. Assembled in our California lab.


    We cover 3 years for the drivers and 1 year for the rest of the parts, and this begins from the original date of purchase. Warranty on Mobius is one year for all parts. This is for factory defect only, not wear and tear or cosmetic damage from use. Please note that we consider eartips, earlocks and earhooks to be "consumable items" and offer no warranty on those.

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    Feature 1: Premium Sound Quality

    • Versatility - both easy to drive with mobile equipment, but capable of taking full
    advantage of more powerful amplification for a true audiophile experience
    • Dynamic and engaging musical listening experience
    • Similar sound signature to the LCD-i4 with refined acoustics and tuning
    • Deep, clear bass
    • Over-ear scale sound

    • Planar Magnetic driver technology with low impedance
    • LCD-i series enclosure design for greater openness and transparency
    • Highest dynamic of any in-ear with up to 130dB possible with 0 distortion
    Feature 3: High Resolution Wired and Wireless Audio

    • 24 bit high resolution, low latency audio playback for wired and wireless
    • Compatible with latest devices
    • Customizable EQ through Audeze HQ app
    • Proprietary DSP for optimized audiophile sound
    • 8 hours of continuous play
    • Crystal clear call quality with Siri compatibility
    • Bluetooth 5.0 with AptX and AptX HD Support
    • Qualcomm CSR8675 chipset
    • Audeze CIPHER DSP
    • High performance microphone
    • High-capacity lithium battery
    • High-powered amplifier and DAC
    • Audeze HQ app