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    Audeze Filter Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone

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    • A.I.-Powered Noise Reduction seamlessly removes background interruptions
    • Intelligent Beamforming Microphone Array with adaptive pickup range
    • Patented Audeze Planar Magnetic Speaker optimized for speech clarity
    • Easy setup and compatible with all leading conferencing platforms
    • Sleek aluminium chassis, compact size for go-anywhere portability

    The World's Most Powerful Portable Conference Speakerphone with Artificially Intelligent Microphones

    Optimized for voice calls, Audeze’s FILTER is the first high-performance compact wireless conference speaker engineered with advanced neural network noise-cancellation combined with Audeze’s award-winning proprietary planar magnetic speaker technology. With sound that’s been tuned to maximize voice transmission in a sleek, compact package, FILTER is poised to change the WFH landscape!

    AI noise elimination Zero-Noise Technology

    Zero-Noise Microphone Technology

    Have you ever been interrupted by barking dogs, gardeners, AC units or vacuum cleaners during a meeting?

    Audeze FILTER incorporates A.I.-based microphone circuitry that‘s been trained to identify and completely eliminate over 500,000 noise samples. Using A.I.-on-the-Edge Technology, FILTER's noise cancellation algorithms are built into the hardware, so you don’t have to configure virtual sound cards or app settings. Just connect FILTER and start your call!


    Beam forming graphic

    Intelligent Beam-Forming Technology

    FILTER's microphone array is designed for both personal and conference calls, using neural network noise cancellation to create pickup patterns that are very focused and precise. FILTER incorporates A.I.-based beam-forming which allows you to select from a full 360° down to 70° of pickup, making it quick and easy to include everyone or remove unwanted voices and sounds from your calls.


    Driver cutaway tech

    Award-Winning Driver Technology

    Taking advantage of Audeze’s industry leading planar magnetic technologies, FILTER uses our patented Fluxor magnets and Uniforce diaphragm in a highly efficient transducer for crystal-clear voice-call playback. Featuring the most powerful speaker in any conference speakerphone of its size, the driver can reach levels of 85 to 118 dB, so you and everyone in the room (and even in the next room) can hear voices clearly, with zero audible distortion.


    Audeze HUB software and FILTER dimensions

    Purposeful Customization

    At the size of a mobile phone, FILTER is the most compact and powerful conference speakerphone on the market. Access FILTER's advanced settings using the touch-sensitive control panel or companion app. You can adjust on the fly, so you always have optimal voice-call sound for any environment at your fingertips.


    Superior Compatibility

    USB, Bluetooth, Windows, Apple, iOS, Android

    With its completely self-contained and hardware-based technology, FILTER integrates effortlessly with all conferencing software, such as Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet, Slack, FaceTime, Discord, and others. FILTER is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS via Bluetooth or USB.


    Noise reduction

    AI Based Intelligent Zero-Noise


    Dual microphone with beam-forming technology

    Microphone range

    10 feet

    Transducer type

    Ultra-thin planar magnetic with Uniforce™ voice coil

    Magnetic structure

    Fluxor™ magnet array

    Transducer size

    70mm x 105mm

    Speaker max SPL

    Normal - 85dB @ 3ft; Speaker Boost - 118dB @ 2ft, 75dB @45ft

    Speaker frequency response

    300Hz - 20kHz

    Speaker THD

    <0.2% (1 kHz, 70dB, 0.5m)


    90 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)

    Wireless connection

    Bluetooth 5.0: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, BLE; SBC, AAC, and aptX Classic codecs

    Wired connection

    USB-C or USB-A (with included adapter)


    1050mAH Lithium-polymer, up to 15 hours @ 80dB (at 50cm)

    Total unit size

    11mm x 76mm x 152mm