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  • What is a "Pre-Order”?

    Pre-Order means that the product is not currently not available at stock or displayed in our website, however if the customer pays advance and pre-orders through our website, we will be able to ship it for the customer within a short period of time, usually 2-3 weeks, depending on the type of product.


    What is "Backer's League"?

    Please click on the following link to get the answer: https://www.gearsforears.com/collections/backers-league


    Does Gears for Ears takes Pre-Order from external sites and outside Bangladesh?

    Yes we do take Pre-Order from external sites like Amazon & Sweetwater and other online and physical stores in specific countries. Insert the name of the website in the “Reference of External Site” in the form and we will try to get the product for you within your budget and within your expected time.

    What does Head, Portable, Audiophile’s & Musician’s Gears mean?

    Head gears includes headphones and earphones for both active listeners, pro-listeners and professional recording artists and sound engineers.

    Portable gears includes wireless or Bluetooth speakers, DACs, DAPs or any device which is portable and can be used on the go.

    Audiophile’s Gear includes accessories and equipment such as HiFi equipment – Turntables, Amplifiers, CD / DVD & Blu-Ray Players, Speakers, Soundcards, Cables, Cleaning & Maintenance Materials, Vinyl (LP, EP & SP), Blu-ray SACD, CD, DVD, Cassette etc.  

    Musician’s Gears includes any sort of musical instrument and accessories from guitars strings to stomp boxes to drums to keyboards to amplifiers.