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    June 13, 2024 4 min read 0 Comments

    The FiiO JT1 steps into the bustling budget gaming headset market, aiming to be a comfortable and versatile option for casual and competitive gamers. With a focus on affordability and a balanced sound signature, can it hold its own against established players? This review dives into the FiiO JT1's design, sound quality, microphone performance, and connectivity, comparing it to the popular HyperX Cloud Stinger to see if it's a worthy contender for your gaming audio needs.

    Build Quality

    The FiiO JT1 prioritises comfort for marathon gaming sessions. Its lightweight design (around 300 grams) and plush, leather ear cups ensure a good fit without excessive clamping force.  Unlike the HyperX Cloud Stinger, whose ear cups swivel for a more adaptable fit, the JT1's cups have a more limited range of motion. However, this potentially creates a better seal around the ears for improved noise isolation. The build quality feels decent for the price point, with a mix of plastic and aluminium offering a balance of sturdiness and lightweight comfort.

    The Sound

    Bass: The bass presence is present but controlled. It delivers a satisfying rumble for explosions and in-game sound effects without bleeding into the mids and muddying crucial details like footsteps or character dialogue. This focus on a tight and punchy low-end ensures clarity without sacrificing the impact needed for an immersive gaming experience.

    Mids: The mids are the star of the show on the JT1. They are clear and detailed, faithfully reproducing in-game audio cues like character voice acting and environmental sounds. This clarity is essential for effective communication and strategic decision-making in competitive games. Whether it's coordinating tactics with teammates or pinpointing enemy locations based on footsteps, the JT1's mids ensure you hear every vital detail.

    Treble: The treble on the JT1 is smooth and well-balanced. It offers enough detail for crisp highs without becoming harsh or sibilant. This smooth treble response prevents listener fatigue during extended gaming sessions, making it comfortable for long hours of gameplay. While some audiophiles might prefer a brighter treble for a more "airy" soundscape, the JT1's approach prioritises clarity and avoids unwanted sharpness that can be fatiguing during intense gaming sessions.


    Another area where the FiiO JT1 shines is microphone quality. The microphone delivers clear and crisp voice capture, ensuring your teammates can hear your commands and callouts clearly during online games. This microphone quality surpasses what many competitors, including the Cloud Stinger, offer in this price range.The FiiO JT1 keeps things straightforward when it comes to connectivity. It utilises a standard 3.5mm jack, making it compatible with most PCs, laptops, and gaming consoles. However, unlike the Cloud Stinger which offers a splitter cable for separate headphone and microphone jacks on some PC setups, the JT1 does not.  It's crucial to note that if your PC does not have a TRRS (combined headphone and microphone) port, the microphone functionality won't work without an additional adapter (not included). This could be a dealbreaker for some PC gamers. The included cable is a basic braided design, functional but lacking the premium feel of some competitors' offerings and the friction could be heard through the wires. 

    The Competition:

    Here's a breakdown of how the FiiO JT1 fares against the HyperX Cloud Stinger, a popular rival in the sub-$100 gaming headset market:

    HyperX Cloud Stinger: Similar in price and comfort, the Cloud Stinger offers a slightly brighter sound signature with a more pronounced bass presence. It also comes with a splitter cable for separate headphone and microphone jacks on some PC setups, making it more versatile for PC gamers. However, the microphone quality isn't as good as the FiiO JT1.

    Final Verdict: Great mic... for console gamers

    The FiiO JT1 presents a compelling option for budget-conscious gamers seeking a comfortable headset with a balanced sound signature. The headset in itself is very easy to run and almost anything can run it, separate amp or dac are not mandatory but will add to the sound quality.It's clear mids, detailed highs (though slightly rolled off), and surprisingly good microphone make it a strong contender – especially for console gamers or PC gamers with the appropriate jack configuration. However, gamers prioritising a wider soundstage or a more pronounced bass response might need to look elsewhere. The biggest caveat for PC gamers is the potential lack of microphone functionality without an additional adapter (not included) due to the missing splitter cable which seems like a very big mistake done by FiiO here.

    Who Should Consider the FiiO JT1?

    Casual gamers seeking a comfortable and affordable headset with a balanced sound for various games, especially on consoles.

    Competitive gamers who prioritise clear audio cues and communication with a good microphone (and have compatible PC jacks).

    Final Thoughts

    The FiiO JT1 doesn't rewrite the rules of the gaming headset market, but it offers a comfortable, well-rounded, and affordable option for casual and competitive gamers alike, particularly on consoles. The balanced sound signature, surprisingly good microphone, and lightweight design make it a contender in the sub-$100 price range, as long as your audio preferences lean towards a balanced presentation. Consider your priorities as a gamer, including your PC's audio jack configuration, and compare the JT1 to the competition before making your final decision. However if you already have a separate microphone and are considering upgrading to a newer headphone, the FiiO JT1 is a very good choice.

    Author: Shaikh Jiaan Bin Tariq