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    Stone Deaf PDF1X

    The return of an original, with something new to offer. The Limited Edition PDF-1X combines the best of the PDF-1 and the PDF-2, making it one of the most versatile analog pedals on the market and a true Stone Deaf original.

    Dual footswitches. Expression control. Parametric EQ. High-gain and low-gain flexibility. It’s all here. And as well as combining the best features of the PDF-1 and PDF-2 in a single pedal, the PDF-1X also comes with a shiny new feature – a volume knob. This helps it play nicely with other pedals, and opens up a new range of tonal options across the clean and dirty channels. The gain control is now an internal trimpot, which is pre-set to PDF-1 territory but can be ramped all the way up into PDF-2 high-gain anarchy if that’s your bag.

    With that added versatility, the PDF-1X gives you boost, overdrive, distortion, and fuzz in one pedal. Not to mention the parametric EQ control and expression pedal functionality for precise tweaking and phaser or wah sounds. It’s a lot. But you’re worth it. And you get to decide if it’s a set-and-forget, always-on secret sauce for your playing, a versatile scalpel for finding the perfect tone in the studio, or anything in between.