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  • SpinFit CP145 Silicone Eartips (1 Pair)

    🚚 Order within the next 2 hours, 15 minutes for delivery by 18 Jul, 2024.
    • Bore size: 4.5mm, for earphones nozzle diameter from 5-6mm.
    • Ergonomically designed with the ability to spin in all directions and customized fit your ear canals.
    • CP145 has undergone various adjustments in shape and material. This model is a model that would never disappoint you.
    • CP145 grabs the treble well and keeps the flexibility of the bass. Perfectly for audiophiles.
    • CP145 is the most popular model for collaboration with big names like AKG, Audeze, 64 Audio, FiiO, and so on, which is a great honor and approval for CP145.