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    Rotosound Music Strings- British Steels Electric Guitar Strings


    At one time popular with players like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Angus Young and Brian May.

    This range of electrics originates from the 60`s period offering a very bright sounding string with increased presence over nickel.

    The wraps are nickel free which is aptly suited to players with a nickel allergy.

    Currently available in three of the most popular gauges.

    Guthrie knows a thing or two….

    The humble guitar string seldom evokes the same kind of excitement or obsession as instruments, amps or pedals. Nonetheless, your strings are a vital component of the sounds you make – your entire rig would be distressingly quiet without them! – so it really does make a lot of sense to pick the right ones.

    I do some fairly barbaric things to my strings on a daily basis, so I’ve experimented with many different brands over the years, in a quest for maximum consistency, tuning stability, durability and all-round tonal splendour. After much research, the conclusion I reached was simply this: Rotosounds rock.