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    Noble Audio Viking Ragnar

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    The Viking Ragnar is Noble's latest flagship offering.  While others are content with making plastic IEMs, Noble takes things to the next level with all aluminum shells for unparalleled rigidity to reduce unwanted sonic vibrations.  The faceplates are a work of art, created from stainless steel Damascus forged and shaped by master jeweler Chris Ploof.  The Viking Ragnar features two 10mm dynamic bass drivers for a full range of controlled sub-bass and bass, while four Knowles balanced armature drivers fill out the upper-bass, mid-range, and upper mid-range. Four electrostatic drivers provide lifelike upper-midrange, highs, and super-highs.  Having spared no expense in building the Viking Ragnar, Noble compliments the Viking Ragnar with a cable worthy of the IEM.  The Magnus 4 features a 4-core Graphene/Silver cable, a 4.4mm Pentaconn termination, and premium 0.78mm two pin connectors.  As one reviewer has stated:  "I can only think of a couple of price-no-object over-the-ear headphones that can stand up to the Ragnar sonically, in terms of speed, tonal balance, dynamic range, musicality, and soundstage, and none that surpass it. To my ears, it is simply the best IEM available, and among the very finest headphones period."  https://headphone.guru/noble-audio-viking-ragnar-review-all-hail-the-king/

    Drivers Electronics + DD + BA
    Quantity of Drivers 10
    Frequency 20Hz-40KHz
    Resistence 17Ω
    Sensitivity @1KHz  112dB
    Driver Type
    Bass: 2 DD
    Middle: 2 BA
    High: 2 BA
    Superhigh: 4 Electrostastics
    Crossover 4 ways