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  • MusicNomad- Premium Guitar Care Kit - 3 pc

    • The Guitar One for cleaning, polishing, and protecting your guitar
    • F-One Oil brings your fretboard back to life
    • 12" x 12" microfiber suede polishing cloth

    Everything You Need for Guitar Maintenance

    If you're on the hunt for a guitar maintenance one-stop shop, your search ends with the MusicNomad Premium Guitar Care Kit. First of all, you get The Guitar One, a solution that cleans, polishes, and waxes your guitar while concealing imperfections and creating a gorgeous, high-gloss shine. You also get F-One Oil, which cleans and conditions your fretboard, restoring moisture and prolonging its life. Finally, a microfiber suede polishing cloth keeps your instrument free of dirt and fingerprints, while avoiding scratches. Make room for a MusicNomad Premium Guitar Care Kit in your instrument case. After all, proper guitar maintenance is essential if you want your instrument to look and perform its best!

    The Guitar One for cleaning, polishing, and protecting your guitar

    Clean, polish, and protect your guitar in one easy step with MusicNomad's The Guitar One! This non-abrasive cleaner removes dust, fingerprints, and grime from your guitar's finish. Its polish formula removes oxidation while restoring faded surfaces. Brazilian carnauba wax polishes your instrument to a high-gloss shine, while filling in microscopic imperfections. With MusicNomad's The Guitar One, cleaning your guitar is fast and easy!

    F-One Oil brings your fretboard back to life

    Recondition your guitar's fretboard and bring it back to life with MusicNomad's F-One Oil. It's a special recipe of tree and seed oils that moisturizes your guitar's fretboard, restoring its proper moisture content. When your guitar's fretboard starts looking old and faded, that's a sign that it's drying out. When it comes to maintaining your instrument, a properly conditioned fretboard is just as important as keeping your guitar at the proper humidity level. Get it done fast and easy with MusicNomad F-One Oil!

    12" x 12" microfiber suede polishing cloth

    MusicNomad's polishing cloth is made of 100% lint-free microfiber suede to keep your instrument dust-, dirt-, and fingerprint-free. This super-soft fabric cloth has no hem, to avoid finish scratches, and is a gig bag essential for post-show string wipe-downs, last minute onstage shine-ups, and more!