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    LetShuoer S08 Earphone

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    • Fourth Generation Dual Voice Coil Custom 13mm Planar Magnetic Driver
    • Nanoscopic magnetron sputtering process
    • Dual Voice Coil Custom Planar Diaphragm
    • PTR elastic film surrounds
    • Metallic earphone shell
    • Silver-plated copper cable
    • 0.78mm Dual Pin Connector
    • 3.5mm and 4.4mm Interchangeable Plugs

    Fourth generation dual-coil custom 13mm planar magnetic driver. Customized driver for sonic excellence

    LETSHUOER S08 features a custom fourth generation 13mm planar diaphragm speaker that LETSHUOER was very hands-on during the development process. Compared to previous planar magnetic drivers, this driver offers improvements in all aspects of sound performance and significantly enhances the stability of the planar diaphragm unit. 

    Nanoscopic magnetron sputtering process: more pure, more dynamic

    LETSHUOER utilizes nanoscopic magnetron sputtering process, a high-end production method, on the planar driver’s diaphragm of S08, which allows for the coating to penetrate deep into the substrate. This process yields high stability and long lifespan. In terms of sound performance, it enhances the resolution of high frequencies, elevating the texture of the high frequencies to a higher level.

    Dual-coil custom planar magnetic driver: chock full of innovation and brilliance

    The 13mm planar magnetic driver in the LETSHUOER S08 features quite a few of innovations. The nanoscopic magnetron sputtering technology coats the diaphragm with a layer of voice coil in addition to conventional drivers’ single layer voice coil circuit. This makes the S08’s driver diaphragm a dual-layer coil circuit. Benefits include increasing diaphragm vibration control, reducing resonance frequency, minimizing distortion caused by diaphragm resonance, and effectively enhancing overall transient response speed.

    Driver diaphragm with surrounds: powerful bass, wide soundstage

    Planar magnetic drivers, traditionally, faces technical limitations in low-frequency response. It fails to deliver deep and textured bass, which is one of the biggest sore points of planar magnetic IEMs.

    To address the issue of poor low-frequency performance in planar earphones, LETSHUOER took matter into our own hands during the customization process of S08 driver unit. They incorporated a PTR elastic film surrounds at the edge of the diaphragm’s voice coil, which makes the diaphragm perform with greater extensibility and stability. This effectively optimizes the low-frequency performance, significantly enhancing the depth of the bass and providing a much tighter bass presentation. Additionally, it markedly increases the width and depth of the soundstage, which brings out a much richer sense of the music.

    Metallic earphone shell and high-quality cables that make listening even more enjoyable

    The LETSHUOER S08 incorporates the design language of the number "8" in its panel design, featuring a striking yet streamlined appearance. The CNC precision-milled metallic earphone shell is both simple and exquisite. It is available in black and silver versions to meet different aesthetic preferences. The cables are made from 4 cores of 30-strands 0.05mm silver-plated copper, providing efficient transmission performance, finer musical detail, and a richer sense of space.

    • Model: LETSHUOER S08
    • Sensitivity: 108dB
    • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 40kHz
    • Impedance: 26Ω
    • Chassis material: CNC anodized aluminum
    • Cable: 4 X30 strands X 0.05mm silver-plated copper
    • Drivers: fourth generation 13mm planar magnetic