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    FiiO K11 Desktop DAC & AMP

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    Truly balanced·Truly brilliant

    Truly balanced and brilliant FIIO K11

    Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier K11

    Variety of inputs and outputs | 1400mW large power output | 3 gain levels, 3 volume curves | Specially-designed audio circuit | Specially-designed power supply | Supports 384kHz/32bit, DSD256 | Slim build | Custom VA display Adjustable RGB logo lighting | Multi-function knob | USB DAC driver-free mode


    Selling points:

    Variety of inputs and outputs

    USB, optical, and coaxial inputs, 4.4mm, 6.35mm, RCA, and coaxial outputs


    1400mW large power output

    Easily drives earphones and headphones


    3 gain levels, 3 volume curves

    Improves the listening experience with headphones of various impedances


    Specially-designed audio circuit and power supply

    Leads to a purer and more robust supply of power, leading to stable high-quality audio


    Compact and slim build

    Compactness allows it to be placed anywhere


    Custom VA display

    High contrast, clear display, durable


    Adjustable RGB logo lighting

    Brightness, color, and light patterns all adjustable


    Multi-function knob

    Complex actions can be easily done


    USB DAC driver-free mode

    Driver-free on Win10 and above, PS5 and Switch compatible


    Over the years, we have launched the K5 Pro, K7, K9, and K9 Pro series of amplifiers at various price points.

    The K series of amplifiers have sold well around the world.

    As they have users’ changing and increasingly growing desktop HiFi usage needs.


    Thanks to continuous research and progress

    We have a new understanding of entry-level amplifiers.

    The K11 will feature lots of connectors, large power output, and a slim build.

    The beautiful screen is a display of its prowess as your desktop HiFi companion.


    1.  A variety of inputs and outputs ready for you

    On the K11 are USB*, optical and coaxial inputs* as well as 4.4mm, 6.35mm, RCA line-out, and coaxial outputs*. Having more inputs and outputs than other typical entry-level amps means the K11 is more than capable of meeting your needs of putting together a capable audio setup.

    *USB connection to phones for decoding does not consume the phone’s battery

    *Coaxial input and output share the same physical connector; Coaxial output can only be used in USB mode



    1400mW large power output

    Capably pushing headphones

    Under a 32Ω load, the K11 is capable of pushing 1400mW under balance modes. This allows it to easily drive many HiFi earphones and headphones to fully unlock their potential.


    3. 3 gain levels

    3 volume curves

    The K11 has 3 separate gain levels, each gain level having its own volume curve. This allows the K11 to give you a better listening experience with various types of headphones, whether you are using sensitive earphones or harder to drive over-ear headphones.



    Specially-designed audio circuit

    Specially-designed power supply 

    Within the K11’s slim build lies a specially-designed audio circuit designed for great sound quality. This is backed by more than 16 low-noise LDOs for precise voltage stabilization and powered by an external 12V switching power supply. All of this leads to a purer and more robust supply of power, leading to stable high-quality audio and thus truly enjoyable music all of the time.



    Slim on one side

    Stable on the other 

    The slim aluminum alloy body allows you to easily place the K11 anywhere, making it easier to put the device in a way that complements the rest of your desk. Thanks to the silicone anti-slip pad, the K11 rests stably and firmly on your table too.



    A beautiful screen

    Full of clarity

    A custom, high-contrast and durable* VA display allows you to easily see the sampling rate, volume, gain, or output mode with just a glance.

    *Durable VA screen, always on with no burn-in



    Adjustable RGB logo lighting

    The FIIO logo is illuminated with RGB lighting, giving you a quick way to identify the sampling rate of the current audio being played back. Six LED strips work in conjunction with a carefully placed reflective film and parts of the body designed to reflect light to make the light show uniform and elegant.

    * Brightness, color, and light patterns all adjustable using the knob



    One knob

    One source of total control

    In the K11’s minimalist design, the volume knob acts as a crucial source of total control. The K11’s multi-function volume knob is used to power the device on and off, for menu operation, for volume adjustment, and for other functions. The knob is designed so that you can quickly execute various complex actions by simply pressing and turning the knob. You can also quickly switch between LO/PO* modes by double-pressing the knob, making it easier for you to appropriately connect to different headphones or audio setups.

    *LO/PO modes remember the last volume set in each mode independently, no need to readjust the volume when switching between modes



    Driver-free mode

    Worry-free operation

    The K11 used in USB DAC mode does not require a driver on Windows 10 and above systems, and can also be used with video game consoles such as the PS5 and the Switch. Simply plug and play for worry-free usage whether you are enjoying music or being immersed in games.

    *Installing the driver unlocks support for higher sampling rates



    Two elegant colors

    Adding a dash of liveliness

    Obsidian black: Understated charm, an earthly beauty

    Midnight silver: Exquisitely elegant, stylishly radiant

    • Colors: Obsidian black, Midnight silver
    • Main control chip (single-chip microcomputer): GD32F303RET6
    • DAC: CS43198
    • Supported audio formats: 384kHz/32bit PCM, DSD256
    • USB connector: Type-C
    • Display type: Custom VA
    • Dimensions: 147x133x32.3mm (including feet)
    • Weight: About 407g
    • Power supply: DC12V 2A external adapter
    • SE power output 1: L+R≥520mW +520mW (32Ω, THD+N<1%) (32Ω/single-ended/high gain)
    • SE power output 2: L+R≥60mW+60mW (300Ω, THD+N<1%) (300Ω/single-ended/high gain)
    • BAL power output 1: L+R≥1400mW+1400mW (32Ω, THD+N<1%) (32Ω/balanced/high gain)
    • BAL power output 2: L+R≥250mW+250mW (300Ω, THD+N<1%) (300Ω/ balanced/high gain)
    • Frequency response: 20Hz~50kHz (Attenuation<0.2dB)
    • SNR: ≥123dB (A-weighted)
    • Noise floor: PO<2.8uV (A-weighted); BAL<4.9uV (A-weighted)
    • Output impedance: PO<1.2Ω (32Ω load); BAL<2.4Ω (32Ω load)
    • THD+N: LO<0.00035% (1kHz/10kΩ)


    What's in the box


    Power adapter (including AC cable)*1

    USB A to C cable*1

    6.35mm adapter *1

    Quick start guide*1

    Warranty card*1