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    Dekoni Audio - Memory Foam Replacement Ear Pads for Bose 700 Noise Canceling Headphones – Choice Leather

    Earpad Material


    With Bose leading the way in Noise Cancelling technology for headphones, Dekoni Audio decided to give that much needed analog boost to the Bose 700. Digital signal processing does a ton of heavy lifting but sometimes requires that assistance that only acoustic dampening memory foam can provide. With our high density memory foam, a strong and form-fitting seal is created to give the 700’s excellent passive isolation. This, combined with our Choice Leather protein leather, gives you the comfort and isolation needed to let you drift off into a longer, more immersive listening experience.

    Dekoni Choice Leather is a soft, supple synthetic leather. Its sheen look and incredibly gentle feel on the skin is constantly mistaken for real leather.  With incredible durability and unmatched comfort, you may find you like it even more than real sheepskin. Dekoni Choice Leather uses the same ultra slow rebound memory foam from the Elite series.

    These pads fit the Bose 700