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  • Dekoni Audio Choice Series Replacement Headband for Beyerdynamic Headphones

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    Dekoni is proud to deliver a purpose-built solution to uncomfortable, worn out headbands on Beyerdynamics line of headphones.

    Designed with our Choice Leather and Suede, you’ll find a supple, form-fitting cushion to balance the weight of your headphones and keep comfort to a maximum.

    Our Choice Suede and Leather bands are fully vegan, and offer a premium feel and look.

    In the design process, Dekoni decided to utilize our medium density foam found in the Earpadz line to help allow the band to more quickly mold to your head and distribute the weight of the headphones evenly.



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    The use of our medium density foam results in a headband that quickly molds to the shape of your head, while our Choice series materials offer an incredibly soft, forgiving touch. The combination of the two creates a slim, lightweight band that evenly distributes the weight of the headphone and reduces hotspots.

    Our headbands support any model of headphone from Beyerdynamic that offers a removable stock headband, such as the DT770, DT880 and DT990. Models such as the DT1990 that feature a permanently attached stock band may not be supported, as our headband may not be able to fully stretch over the stock band.


    Of course, if you find the stock band lacking and are looking for a way to maximize comfort through our Dekoni Choice series, our Nuggets may be the perfect solution for you! Utilizing our high density memory foam and Choice leather, our nuggets adhere to nearly any stock headband and let you redistribute the weight of your headphones for a more comfortable listening experience.

    Simply click on the image below for more insight into our Nuggets!