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    BQEYZ Spring 1 Earphone (Open Box)

    🚚 Order within the next 2 hours, 15 minutes for delivery by 18 Jun, 2024.
    • Hybrid Original Custom Driver. BQEYZ Spring 1 utilizes a 13mm bass dynamic driver, an ultra-high frequency 7-layers piezoelectric driver and a custom mid-high freqency balanced armature. This configuration ensures deep bass and smooth highs.
    • Patented Design. This model adopts the world premiere of the industry’s first unibody for piezoelectric and dynamic drivers. 
    • Supreme Quality. Built with Aluminum shell which has been polished and processed with 5-Axis CNC, the earphone presents an elegant look, long-lasting and stable. 
    • Upgradable 8 Core Cable. This model includes a 8 core silver-plated cable. Each line consists 25 shares. The replaceable design also allows you to upgrade it to any you preferred setting anytime. More choices and fun