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  • Warranty Policy- Burson Audio

    Burson Audio has long been an Audiophiliac favorite manufacturer of DAC and headphone amplifiers. In the unlikely event that a Burson Audio product develops a manufacturing defect within the warranty period, please contact with Gears For Ears. Please make sure that the issue with your product is eligible for a warranty claim. 

    Please be advised that Gears For Ears is not authorized to handle the warranty claims for the purchases that are made outside Bangladesh.

    Burson Audio's Warranty Period is 1 Year from the date of the Invoice.

    Eligibility for warranty

    • No Sound Output
    • Noise while Charging
    • Buttons Not Working
    • Not charging
    • Doesn't turn on
    • Any other manufacturing defect

    Non-Eligible for warranty

    • Physical Damages
    • Wear and tear from usage
    • Cosmetic flaws
    • Wire/cord tearing
    • Damages to accessories
    • Any other accidental damage
    • Natural disasters or animal related damages