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  • LetShuoer DZ4 Review

    August 11, 2023 3 min read 0 Comments

    Its hard to set yourself apart in the hyper competitive sub $100 earphone price category. While a lot of brands excel in the technicalities, most of them miss out on the tonality and the organicness of the sound. Long term audiophiles are often ready to sacrifice technical abilities for a more natural sound. The DZ4 shines in this category.

    Packaging & Accessories

    The DZ4 comes in a nice cardboard box. To carry the earphones, we get a very well finished round case. The eartips are supplied in a round metal disc and the eartips themselves are pretty good compared to the stock eartips we normally get with IEMS nowadays. For our listening, we stuck to the stock tips which came with the shell itself. The provided cable is a single ended four core of 216-strands, 0.05mm in diameter silver plated copper cable. The cable quality is way better than what we normally get with IEMs in this price range and often in double the price. But its not much of a surprise because LetShuoer has a record of supplying quality cables with their IEMs, which makes the package much more enticing.
    Letshuoer DZ4

    Build & Comfort

    The DZ4 used CNC milled anodized aluminium casing with a sand blasted finish, which feels unique to the touch. It is fairly light and fit snugly in our ears. It isn’t overly big or small, we used the IEM for hours during our listening sessions without any discomfort.
    Letshuoer DZ4

    Sound Impressions

    For our listening sessions, we mostly used the ifi Go Link and the Questyle M15. We did’t find the DZ4 to be source picky. At 12ohm/104dB, the IEM is not power hungry, so even a less powerful dongle will do too.
    Bass: The bass for is passable at best. Its there but doing just the bare minimum. There is no sub-bass to speak off and the mid bass is shy and there is no texture or body in whatever bass is present. Bass lovers will be highly disappointed and will try to steer away.
    Mids: This is what we enjoyed the DZ4 for. The mids are a tad bit forward and they sound natural. This is where a lot of sub $100 IEMS fail, sounding either too metallic or plastic. But this one handles the mids beautifully, particularly vocals and acoustic instruments. The vocal presentation for both males and females should satisfy anyone who listen to a lot of vocal oriented songs.
    Treble: The treble falters, in our opinion letshuoer played it too safe. There is no harshness, so listeners who are sensitive to treble will have no issue using this IEM, but listeners who enjoy good treble and want a well rounded sound will be a bit disappointed.
    Letshuoer DZ4


    The soundstage is a tad bigger than what we would deem average, the imaging, not so much. There is a sense of space, but in our opinion that space is 2 dimensional.
    While it might seem the negatives outweigh the positives, that wasn’t true for us. The DZ4 won us with its timbre and tonality which we mentioned while starting the review is where many IEMs fail. We used the DZ4 for hours listening to albums after albums and they just sounded right. Nothing drew our attention too much, we just enjoyed the music. This is something we cannot say for every IEM. It is not an IEM for detailed listening sessions, but rather an IEM to be enjoyed with a relaxed state of mind.
    Letshuoer DZ4


    We wholeheartedly recommend the DZ4 for whose sound preference is naturalness over technicalities, someone who wants a daily driver companion which can be used for hours everyday, not just short brief listening session.