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  • Takstar BM-621USB USB Boundary Microphone

    🚚 Order within the next 2 hours, 15 minutes for delivery by 25 May, 2024.
    • Tailored for network live broadcast, network conference, network broadcast and vocal chat

    • USB2.0 sound card chip suits for iOS, windows and Mac system, drive free, plug and play

    • Built-in cardioid capsule features long pickup distance, accurate directivity and clear sound quality

    • RFI shielding technology shields cell phone signal interference

    • 150Hz low cut switch effectively reduce the pickup of ambient noise

    • Anti-skidding rubber pads prevent the microphone from skidding and reduce the table vibration influence

    • Touch mute switch avoids the mechanical noise of traditional switch

    Compact, portable and easy operation for mobile recording


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