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    FiiO BR13 Hi-Res Bluetooth Receiver

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    Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth platform | Custom VA display | Supports 7 Bluetooth codecs including LDAC

    Digital and analog outputs | Button+App control | 7 presets +2 types of parametric EQ

    Proprietary digital upsampling tech | Bluetooth/USB/SPDIF three-in-one | HiFi audio architecture | Dual Hi-Res Audio certifications



    Supports 7 Bluetooth codecs including LDAC

    Comparable to CD-level sound


    Custom VA display

    High contrast, clear display, durable


    Digital and analog outputs

    Compatibility with many devices


    Button+App control

    Control regardless of where you are


    7 presets + 2 types of parametric EQ

    Tailored to your listening style


    Proprietary digital upsampling tech

    Global upsampling up to 96kHz/24bit


    Bluetooth/USB/SPDIF three-in-one

    Multifunctional, one box for all


    HiFi audio architecture

    ES9018K2M DAC+TPA1882 op-amp+Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip


    Dual Hi-RES Audio certifications

    Excellent sound, professionally guaranteed



    Unrestricted by wires

    For relaxed listening

    Bluetooth audio breathes new life into your traditional amplifiers, which now are no longer restricted by wires. With Bluetooth, you can truly relax on your sofa and chair and take total control over your audio without having to move. Going back to wired listening is hard once you’ve experienced the convenience of Bluetooth. 



    Supports 7 Hi-Res Bluetooth codecs including LDAC

    The BR13 features more support for various Bluetooth codecs than other products in its class, supporting seven high-res Bluetooth codecs including LDAC. With LDAC experience stable, high bitrate sound comparable to that from CDs.

    Bluetooth version: 5.1

    Supported Bluetooth codecs: LDAC/aptX Adaptive/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/AAC/SBC



    Digital and analog outputs

    Compatibility with many devices

    The BR13 features a wide range of digital and analog outputs for greater compatibility with other devices.

    Optical output ---- 96kHz/24bit

    Coaxial output ---- 96kHz/24bit

    RCA output ---- 2Vrms


    Optical output

    BR13: 96kHz/24bit

    Typical products: 48kHz/24bit


    Coaxial output

    BR13: 96kHz/24bit

    Typical products: 48kHz/24bit



    A clearer screen

    A clearer window into the controls

    In the BR13 is a custom, high-contrast and durable* VA display that allows you to easily see the codec, EQ, and other information with just a quick glance.

    * Durable VA screen, always on with no burn-in



    Button+App controls

    More comfortable operation

    Unlike many other products in its class, the BR13 can be controlled either through buttons or through a companion app. Whether you want to approach the device to use its buttons, or lie on the sofa with the companion app, the BR13 is easily controlled.

    Display power-saving

    Bluetooth codec selection

    EQ settings

    Volume adjustment

    Channel balance adjustment

    Digital upsampling


    DAC digital filter



    7 presets + 2 types of parametric EQ

    Maintain your taste

    The BR13 comes with seven presets, including those for pop and classical music, that conveniently let you immediately enjoy various types of music. In addition, there are also two types of parametric EQs* to configure – with 10 customizable frequency bands each with their own adjustable frequency, level and Q bandwidth value. Customize to your heart’s content to find the exact sound you are after.

    * The EQ settings on the FIIO Control App will be available at the end of October. Currently, it can only be adjusted through the local setting of the BR13.



    Proprietary digital upsampling tech

    Next-level sound

    Unique to the BR13 is the ability to upsample low sampling rate audio signals to high sampling rates up to 96kHz/24bit using any input*, allowing you to get even closer to master-level sound quality.

    *Some older devices may only support 48kHz input, for which a compatibility mode can be selected in the app for use with these devices

    *44.1kHz is currently upsampled to 88.2kHz



    Bluetooth/USB/SPDIF three-in-one

    One box for all

    The BR13 features Bluetooth, USB, and SPDIF functionality all in one device, allowing you to use it conveniently with various audio devices.

    Bluetooth: Compatible with phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and other Bluetooth transmitting devices.

    USB: USB DAC supports 96kHz/24bit input. Supports UAC1.0 for plug-and-play with PS5, Switch and other gaming devices.

    SPDIF conversion: With the BR13, the optical/coaxial signals from a TV/set-top box/DVD player can be converted into optical/coaxial/RCA output for a home theater experience.

    SPDIF Bypass: Supports optical and coaxial input, saving the hassle of having to plug and unplug cables.



    HiFi audio architecture

    Perfectly assembled “cores”

    The carefully designed “core” foundation of the BR13’s HiFi audio architecture – the Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip, ES9018K2M DAC, and TPA1882 op-amp – gives you the freedom to listen to high-quality audio whenever and however you want.



    Meticulously designed

    A whole system within

    The details are what make the BR13 HiFi audio architecture shine:

    Independent 60 levels of volume adjustment, to precisely get your desired volume.

    5 low-noise LDOs for precise voltage regulation, and a dedicated OVP power management chip for overvoltage protection.

    HiFi-level mute circuit along with a 100MHz crystal oscillator ensures there is almost no impact on the sound when switching the power on and off or when switching between codecs.



    A true performance jump

    A pristine new world

    We spent countless hours fine-tuning and improving the performance of the BR13 – in order to bring you a low noise floor for purer and more immersive home audio and video.

    Noise floor<5uV (A-weighted), SNR>112dB

    Non-Bluetooth input: THD+N<0.0008%

    Bluetooth LDAC: THD+N<0.0018%



    Dual connections support

    Freely switch between devices

    The BR13 supports being connected to two Bluetooth transmitting devices at the same time. Conveniently and seamlessly switch between your phone, tablet, or other devices.



    Low-latency mode

    For immersive gaming or media-watching

    The BR13 features a dedicated low-latency mode. Switch to aptX LL priority mode with just one click through the companion app for lower-latency sound for greater immersion, whether you are gaming, binging dramas, or watching movies.



    Ergonomically designed

    Purely for you

    The BR13 features a compact yet durable aluminum alloy body. Combined with the specially-designed angled front panel that can be easily seen no matter where you are, you can put the BR13 almost anywhere.



    Software and hardware

    All thoughtfully considered

    * External antenna

    Stable and lossless transmission up to 30 meters


    * OTA updates

    Constantly updated with new tech, and adding more functionality


    • Bluetooth chip: QCC5125 (CPU+DSP dual-core architecture)
    • Bluetooth version: 5.1
    • Supported Bluetooth codecs: LDAC/aptX Adaptive/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/AAC/SBC
    • DAC: ES9018K2M
    • Amplifier chip: TPA1882
    • Display: VA type
    • USB connector: Type-C
    • USB DAC driver-free mode: Supported, UAC1.0
    • USB DAC sampling rate: 96kHz/24bit
    • Coaxial and optical sampling rate: Up to 192kHz/24bit
    • App control: Supported
    • Dimensions: About 98mm×96mm×26.5mm (not including antenna)
    • Weight: About 135g


    Packing list

    USB to Type-C data cable*1


    Warranty card*1