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    Nobody is born an audiophile, an audiophile is made. Every audiophile has a different story to tell of how they became one, and what inspires them to keep walking in this never ending journey🤘

    Tell us your story of 'Rise Of An Audiophile'😎 at stories@gearsforears.com. Top 3 stories will be selected and rewarded by Gears For Ears.

    Terms & Conditions:

    1.The story has to be written in English or Bangla. Write your full name, Facebook profile link, mobile phone number and email address at the end of the story.

    2.Submit your story at stories@gearsforears.com by 24th October 2020.

    3.Submission file format: PDF

    4.Like, Follow & Share Gears For Ears’ Facebook page and share the Rise Of An audiophile Campaign publicly and also follow us on Instagram.

    5.Attach pictures of your current audio gear in the PDF and in the email. Gears For Ears may use the pictures of your audio gear for promotional purposes.

    6.Three stories will be shortlisted and they will be anonymously ranked in first second or third category. The winners will be rewarded with exciting gifts by Gears For Ears.

    1st Prize: Fiio M3 Pro Portable Digital Music Player 💥
    2nd Prize: Audio-Technica CK550is earphones💥
    3rd Prize: Any original CD (single disk) from Gears For Ears’s archive💥